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Some people shy away from the thought of getting a custom website due to cost.  We at take the focus off of the cost and put the attention on designing and developing a great website.  We start with a conversation with you to determine your needs and wants with regards to layout, color, functionality, time-frame, budget, etc.


Initial Admin
Research and Planning
Website Wire Frames


Initial Design Concepts
Design Concept Edits
Design Concept Admin


CMS Setup
Website Security Setup
Website Development
Website Edits
Quality Assurance Testing


Final Approval Admin
Website Launch

The Custom Process

Before beginning we will gather any further details that may have not been discussed in our prior talks for laying a foundation for the project and it’s direction. Our designers will be consulting with you throughout the process, and available at any time for inquiries, adjustments or changes necessary. Initial design concepts will first be submitted and need approval before moving forward in the process. Upon approval we will immediately begin development on the website. After development of the website has been completed it will be submitted again for review and approval. At that time we will make any necessary changes, correct all bugs, and get final approval before the website goes live.